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      We are a new "Mom and Pop" startup company, created to be a  vendor of a good idea.   With the help of You Tube and Shawn Woods videos, more people were able to view this product and see that it will solve your mice problem. 
      Cathy has sold on E-Bay for several years now and we sold the first batch of Rolling Log Mouse Traps  on E-Bay.   They sold out very quickly and we arranged to get more new ones, which are available for ordering now.   We really appreciate everyone's patience while we went from an E-Bay seller to our own web site.
      We raised our children in mid Missouri and now they are raising their children also in Mid Missouri.   Soon the next generation will also be making their plans.
      We also want to thank you for being here and reading this.  We are excited about the response that has been given to this product and we will also be developing another product that will allow individuals, to have the ability to catch and release mice without them hurting one another.   keep checking for more on that in the future. 
Thanks for stopping by!
Joe and Cathy
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